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caustic soda
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caustic soda flakes manufacturer

caustic soda flakes manufacturer

caustic soda flakes manufacturer,caustic soda,caustic soda pearls

caustic soda flakes manufacturer

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caustic soda flakes manufacturer




Caustic Soda 
1)96%,98%.99%White flakes/pearl/solid 
2)SO9001 certified professional Manufacturer 
3)Top-ranking quality/price 

English name: sodium hydroxide; caustic soda
Molecular formula: NaOH
Molecular weight:40.00

2. Materialization nature : The pure product is the colourless transparent crystal, relative density 2.130. 318.4 degrees Centigrade of points. 1390 degrees Centigrade of boiling point. The city has solid state and two kinds of liquid state to sell the caustic soda: The purely solid caustic soda is white, there are bulk , bar-shaped , granular, the quality is fragile ; The purely liquid caustic soda is the colourless transparent liquid. The solid caustic soda has very strong hygroscopicity. Apt to dissolve it in water, send out heat when dissolving, the aqueous solution is alkaline, there are soft senses ; Dissolve it in the ethanol and glycerin; Do not dissolve it in the acetone , ether . Corrosivity is extremely strong, have function of corroding on fibre , skin , glass , pottery ,etc.. 

3. Use: For the papermaking , production of cellulosic thick liquid and dregs of rice; Used in the soap , formate production of washing the silk ribbon pharmaceutical , formating the fatty acid and refinement moving the vegetable fat. Textile printing and dyeing industry use as rice cotton retreat the thick liquid pharmaceutical , boil and smelt the pharmaceutical and pharmaceutical of silky luster of mercerized cotton fabrics. The chemical industry is used for producing borax , Cymag , formic acid , oxalic acid , phenol ,etc.. The petroleum industry is used for refining the petroleum products, is used in the well drilling mud in the oil field.

Flakes or pearls:
25kg plastic bags(3layer pp&pe)
Iron drum, net WT:200kg (High of Drum:90cm)

5. .Specification of Caustic soda 
Caustic soda flakes: 96% 98% 99%
Caustic soda solid: 96% 98% 99%
Caustic soda pearls: 99%


Caustic Soda Specification                                                                                                                                                   

Caustic soda NaOH(%) Na2CO3(%) Nacl(%) Fe2O3(%)
96%Flakes 96.0 Min 1.2 Max 2.5 Max 0.008 Max
99%Flakes 99.0 Min 0.5 Max 0.05 Max 0.005 Max
98%Flakes 98 Min 1.1 Max 0.6 Max 0.01 Max
96% Solid 96.0 Min 1.2 Max 2.5 Max 0.008 Max
99% Solid 99.0 Min 0.5 Max 0.05 Max 0.005 Max
99% Pearl 99.0 Min 0.5 Max 0.05 Max 0.005 Max


  Caustic Soda Application                                                                                                                                                       

1. In soap, detergent, textiles and paper;  causitc soda 

2. In water softening and treatment, refining petroleum products, in sanitation, and hygiene products;

3. In the food and drug industry, etc.

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